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About Jim DePalma

Jim DePalma, a distinguished figure in the media and marketing sectors, boasts a career spanning five decades. Throughout his illustrious journey, he has collaborated with some of the nation’s top media entities, including CBS, Viacom, and Westinghouse Media.
During his tenure at Westinghouse, Jim held pivotal roles with CBS Sports, CBS News, MTV, CBS SportsLine, and Market Watch. His expertise in digital media and strategic marketing is evident from his significant contributions to premier media organizations, especially during transformative phases such as mergers and acquisitions.
In recent years, Jim has been instrumental in scaling multiple startups, including Torrential, Broadband Enterprises, and Blockboard, Inc. His deep understanding of the media landscape, combined with his insights into results reliability, verification, and accuracy, positions him as a valued advisor for startups and founders venturing into the digital media realm.
Today, Jim DePalma stands as a beacon in the media world, guiding businesses through the complexities of the evolving digital environment with his rich background in marketing, brand development, and audience engagement.